Want to reduce absenteeism and improve productivity in the work place? We can offer sleep wellbeing corporate packages.

A lack of concentration, poor memory and alertness are common themes in insomnia. These themes are commonly addressed when looking at work performance, but sleep is rarely looked at as a way of improving them. The economic impact of this is huge.

Thank you for the four week course I attended. It was extremely informative and inspiring, and has really helped me to believe that there is hope- and that good sleeping is something I can attain for myself. The group was surprisingly interesting and your passion shone through. I wish you great success in your efforts to roll this work out to reach more people- it really is a life saver.’
SA, Exeter

Read here for more information:

insomnia and Absenteeism at Work (pdf)

The Cost of Poor Sleep: Workplace Productivity Loss and Associated Costs (pdf)

Socioeconomic Impact of insomnia in Working Populations (pdf)

The economic Burden of insomnia at the Workplace. An opportunity and Time for intervention? (pdf)

We offer:

  • Sleep wellbeing workshops- adapted for your working group and helping employees to make good sleep choices
  • Screening and treating insomnia – we can screen your employees using the diagnostic criteria for insomnia and treat them with our four week course

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