The Sleepyhead Clinic is run by Expert Sleep Physiologist Stephanie Romiszewski.

Stephanie combines an excellent scientific knowledge base with a reputation for her empathetic approach to helping people incorporate sleep treatment into their everyday lives, all over the world! She is highly skilled at turning complex sleep medicine into easy to understand strategies. Her clients resonate with her techniques and follow them with ease. She is highly trusted and has a real passion for fixing troubled sleepers in order to get to their ultimate goal – to feel energised and happy (and sleep of course!). Stephanie believes that it is her clients that make her better at what she does – each client is an individual and has different needs, and this helps to develop her sleep programs to suit everybody. Stephanie is specialist in dealing with complex cases due to her expertise and clinical experience dealing with all sleep disorders.

Sleep and Insomnia Experience

Holding a BSc Hons degree in Psychology and an MSc degree in Behavioural Sleep Medicine, her interest in this field started whilst studying Chronobiology, during which time she worked and assisted sleep research at Harvard Medical School.

Stephanie has worked in NHS clinical sleep disorder centres across the UK, diagnosing and treating a wide range of sleep issues such as sleep apnoea, narcolepsy, parasomnias, insomnia, movement disorders and circadian rhythm disorders. She has also set up sleep services and ran training courses for other medical professionals such as the NHS Depression & Anxiety Service. Currently as well as the Sleepyhead Clinic she is runs occupational sleep clinics for NHS staff and it founder and CMO of re:sleep the online solution for insomnia.

Thank you for your help in improving my sleep. The method taught was systematic with measurable outcomes which has allowed me to see improvements. Your enthusiasm towards the subject was eminent at our first meeting and made the whole experience enjoyable.
HT, Exeter

Keeping abreast of the latest research in the treatment of insomnia and related sleep disorders, she has attended and spoken at numerous sleep conferences. She has completed several accredited courses including the Edinburgh Sleep Course, the International Sleep Medicine Course and the Sleep Technology Education Program run by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.  She is a published author (you can read some of her work below). 

Neurological sleep medicine: a case note audit from a specialist clinic

Medical Education in Sleep and it’s Disorders: Still Meagre 20 Years On

She regularly talks on the radio & TV  (BBC, Channel 4 & Sky etc.) and has appeared in numerous magazines including Business Insider, The Independent, Spectator, The Mirror, The New York Post, The Times, The Sun, Metro, The Guardian, Stylist Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, VICE magazine, WHICH magazine, HUFF post…etc. 

Stephanie was sleep expert in Channel 4’s ‘Secrets of Sleep‘ series and the BBC’s ‘Insomnia and me‘ and has appeared on high profile podcast including Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett.

Stephanie also has many corporate clients for workshops, content & clinical contracts contracts including (but not limited to) The Navy, The MET Police, LLoyds Pharmacy, Deliveroo, Skyscanner plus various legal and financial institutions.

She is a member of the British Sleep Society, the European Society of Sleep Technologists and the Association for Respiratory Technology and Physiology.

Stephanie - effective treatment for ongoing sleep problems

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