Welcome to the sleep and relaxation resources page. Here you will find further resources which Stephanie, the founder and sleep expert of Sleepyhead, recommends to further your knowledge in sleep and relaxation to improve your sleep tonight!

Secrets of Sleep TV Series

Channel 4 TV series on 4OD. This series highlights the main sleep disorders and how the behavioural techniques Stephanie uses at Sleepyhead can be adapted to improve various types of sleep problems. Watch the clients on their journeys and see Stephanie’s techniques working! This show also highlights how sleep disorders do not discriminate, and that so many different types of people can have them. A great informative watch.

To watch the series in full click here.

You might be thinking – this is all very well and good but what can I do to sleep NOW? Of course, if you really want to change your sleep habits there is no magic tip that will resolve consistent sleep problems.  Anxiety reduction and relaxation in itself can’t promote sleepiness without a decent drive to sleep in the first place (and that’s what we fix in the clinic).

However, if you just want to reduce anxiety and feel more relaxed here are some techniques and tools:

The weird and wonderful world of ASMR!

ASMR stands for ‘Autonomous, Sensory, Meridian Response’. Well, to you and me that’s ‘relaxation videos’. Ever felt tingles in your head or a heavy relaxation feeling come over your eyes from watching something quite soporific such as someone painting or just talking in a soft voice, rain or the sounds of the sea? Everybody is different and a simple search for ASMR on YouTube will come up with an extensive library of all sorts of videos which have been designed to help different people relax. Here at sleepyhead, we collaborated with WhispersRed YouTube channel to create a video that has never been done before in the ASMR community – a video that could help you feel relaxed, whilst also delivering some expert evidence-based sleep advice.

Here is an interview Stephanie, Founder of Sleepyhead, did with WhispersRed ASMR on the subject of sleep which we have been told is very relaxing (We didn’t mean it to be!). Watch and see what you think whilst learning all things sleep!

Relaxing audio techniques

Why not try our imagery audio technique which wakes up your senses and reduces the standard 1000 thoughts a minute to one lovely thought full of rich, sensory information! This has been known to calm areas of the brain down that are overworking. You could use this during the day or at night (be careful if it does make you feel sleepy – try to only use it at night if this is the case).

Click on the eye for Stephanie’s very own relaxing audio technique!

If you haven’t found what you are looking for here don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help you!

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